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Atoms Rx Review

Vape Pen

Atoms RX Vaporizer Pen Review I’ve seen and heard a lot of discussion about the Atoms RX  vaporizer pen(Atoms built this model to replace the Atoms RAW). It seems some refer to it  as a “must have”, and then there were others that had mixed feelings about it. It seems you either swear by it or swear at it. Anyway, ... Read More »

Dube Vaporizer

Dube Vaporizer

If you’re looking for a cheap vaporizer pen that can not only vape oils but dry blends as well then the Dube vaporizer pen should be right up your alley. I recently had gotten my hands on this aesthetically pleasing little pen and thought I would put it to the test. The Dube vaporizer is made by the company White ... Read More »