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FireFly 2 Vaporizer Review

I finally got my hands on the elusive Firefly 2. Getting this vape was like searching for the holy grail, and now that I have it, it’s easy to see why this thing was on back-order for so long. If you’re looking to find one, your best bet is here(Click Here).   What’s In The Box The FireFly 2 Vape ... Read More »

VaporFi Pro Starter Kit w/Platinum tank review

VaporFi Platinum Pro Starter Kit: For the Fiscally-Responsible E-Cig Fan (Note: Vapor Zone recently changed its name to VaporFi. Nothing else is different; they still offer the same products) If you have not researched e-cigarettes in a while, or if you never have at all, it is something you should consider it, because they are becoming increasingly awesome as companies realize that ... Read More »

SouthBeachSmoke Air, Liquid Vaporizer Review

South Beach Smoke Air: Quality You Can Inhale  One of the most popular e-cigarettes is the South Beach Smoke Air, made by South Beach Smoke. They cut all the B.S., and get straight to what you want to know. Advantages of an SBS Air Vaporizer First, the product itself is stunning. South Beach Smoke designed this product to be small, sleek, ... Read More »

South Beach Smoke: Top Shelf Bourbon e-Liquid Review

South Beach Smoke’s Bourbon E-Liquid Tastes Like It Should Get You Tipsy Is it just me or do flavored products never taste like that of the food they are trying to emulate? Until I tried South Beach Smoke’s Bourbon E-Liquid, I thought such a thing did not exist—but it does and it is amazing. Not only do SBS’s e-liquids taste great, but they ... Read More »

South Beach Smoke: The Godfather e-Liquid Review

South Beach Smoke’s Godfather E-Liquid: It’s a Flavor You Can’t Refuse SBS is known not only for offering thousands of unique and delicious flavors of e-juice to their customers, but for allowing their e-liquid to be custom mixed from two or three flavors. Godfather is an example of South Beach Smoke’s blended E-Liquid formulas, and one of their most popular, garnering positive reviews ... Read More »

VaporFi Root Beer Vapor Juice Review

VaporFi Root Beer E-Liquid: It’s Like Vaping Americana As a kid, and adult Root Beer has always been a favorite soda of mine, but it was also something I drank in moderation because it contains a lot of carbonation, and seemed to give you the bloated feeling if you drank to much. Now I can enjoy the flavor of Root ... Read More »

Innokin iTaste VTR Review

The iTaste VTR by Innokin is a fully assembled and fully functional variable voltage and variable wattage device. The extremely popular device can be referred to as an electronic cigarette but is better known as a “mod”. It is loved by many “vapors'” and the reason being is it has so many features and looks awesome, including its high battery ... Read More »

Trippy Stix Review

After getting some requests from different people, I figured it was time to do a Trippy Stix review. I had my eye on the Trippy Stix for quite some time now, but finally broke down and bought one. Plus, my birthday was coming up so I figured, “Why not, treat myself”. If you’ve read any of the other reviews, you’ll ... Read More »

Atoms Rx Review

Vape Pen

Atoms RX Vaporizer Pen Review I’ve seen and heard a lot of discussion about the Atoms RX  vaporizer pen(Atoms built this model to replace the Atoms RAW). It seems some refer to it  as a “must have”, and then there were others that had mixed feelings about it. It seems you either swear by it or swear at it. Anyway, ... Read More »

710 Pen Vaporizer Review

710 pen

Just the other day the 710 Pen that I had ordered had showed up. You may be asking why is it called the 710? Not really sure, but if I had to guess – You take the word “OIL” and turn it around it becomes “710”. Remember, when you were a kid and made the word BOOBS on a calculator ... Read More »