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South Beach Smoke: Top Shelf Bourbon e-Liquid Review

South Beach Smoke’s Bourbon E-Liquid Tastes Like It Should Get You Tipsy Is it just me or do flavored products never taste like that of the food they are trying to emulate? Until I tried South Beach Smoke’s Bourbon E-Liquid, I thought such a thing did not exist—but it does and it is amazing. Not only do SBS’s e-liquids taste great, but they ... Read More »

South Beach Smoke: The Godfather e-Liquid Review

South Beach Smoke’s Godfather E-Liquid: It’s a Flavor You Can’t Refuse SBS is known not only for offering thousands of unique and delicious flavors of e-juice to their customers, but for allowing their e-liquid to be custom mixed from two or three flavors. Godfather is an example of South Beach Smoke’s blended E-Liquid formulas, and one of their most popular, garnering positive reviews ... Read More »

VaporFi Root Beer Vapor Juice Review

VaporFi Root Beer E-Liquid: It’s Like Vaping Americana As a kid, and adult Root Beer has always been a favorite soda of mine, but it was also something I drank in moderation because it contains a lot of carbonation, and seemed to give you the bloated feeling if you drank to much. Now I can enjoy the flavor of Root ... Read More »