DIY E Juice; How to Make Vape Juice

If you have been vaping for any amount of time, the odds are pretty good you’ve fallen in love with everything it brings to the table – except the skyhigh price tag for ejuice!

For one reason or another, vape companies are charging a small fortune for these essential ingredients, and folks all over the world have been trying to find ways to cut costs.

Believe it or not, it’s not just possible to save a ton of money when you learn how to make vape juice, but it’s also easy to make better, more potent, and more flavorful DIY e juice, too!

With the tips and tricks below, you’re going to be able to effortlessly cook up your own batches of e juice, all without the hassle, headache, and expense of traditional e juice solutions. You’ll be in control of potency and flavors, and can even tinker with your own recipes to come up with something really special and completely custom!

On top of that, it’s a whole lot easier to pull off than a lot of people think it’s going to be. So let’s jump right in!

Getting your base elements ready to go

The very first thing you’ll need to do when you’re getting ready to make your own DIY E juice is to assemble your base ingredients, the ingredients you need to form the actual thick and rich vapor itself

And while there are a couple of different options out there, the overwhelming majority of E juice options are made from two base elements:

  • Propelyne Glycol
  • Vegetable Glycerine

How to Make Vape Juice

To be honest, both are so similar to one another that it’s our recommendation that you just grab a jug if whatever cheapest! Not! It depends on what type of vaping you are doing and personal preferences. Compare vg and pg ratios here.

Time to bring the nicotine

The next step is to get your hands on a supply of liquid nicotine, something that sounds like it would be a lot harder to do than it actually is.

There a number of high quality liquid nictotine and nicotine concentrate options on the market today, but you’ll find the cheapest prices available online. It’s sometimes a good idea to buy these kinds of products direct from vape companies, but only if they have a sale.

Amazon always has a steady supply of these nicotine products, and while you’ll have to sign for them with an ID after they have been delivered this is usually the way to go. Prime members will even be able to get free shipping.

Of course, you’ll need to be sure you’re getting your hands on a liquid nicotine or nicotine concentrate product that has the right level of dilution you’re after. It’s important to remember that the nicotine will become even more diluted when it’s mixed into the final vape juice, so going a little bit stronger might not be a bad idea.

Flavor additives

The internet has changed everything when it comes to purchasing pretty much anything you can imagine, and that’s what makes getting your hands in almost any flavor additive possible.

You’re going to find an endless supply of flavor additives to pick and choose from, covering nearly any flavor you can think of. Some of these flavors are going to offer combo flavors right out of the bottle (there are a lot of DIY E juice products that mimic famous cocktails), but others let you cook up your own recipes and should be used the way you use spices while cooking.

Putting it all together

As a general rule, you’ll want to start mixing and matching your PG or VG ingredients with your flavor elements before you add your nicotine. This keeps dilution levels low, and guarantees that the finished product is going to be the way you want it right out if the gate.

Eye droppers will help you keep everything nice and organized, as well as give you total control over all of the different flavor and nicotine elements.

At the end of the day, figuring out how to make your own vape juice becomes a lot easier than a lot of people think with the kind of details like the ones provided above.

You’ll find a whole bunch of recipes available online, too, which can be tinkered and played with to come up with something custom you’re really happy with!

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