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The iTaste VTR by Innokin is a fully assembled and fully functional variable voltage and variable wattage device. The extremely popular device can be referred to as an electronic cigarette but is better known as a “mod”. It is loved by many “vapors’” and the reason being is it has so many features and looks …

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Summary : Innokin is known for quality products and the iTaste VTR is no exception. If you are looking for a way to truly customize your vapeing experience look no further

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The iTaste VTR by Innokin is a fully assembled and fully functional variable voltage and variable wattage device. The extremely popular device can be referred to as an electronic cigarette but is better known as a “mod”. It is loved by many “vapors'” and the reason being is it has so many features and looks awesome, including its high battery capacity and ability to switch from voltage or wattage mode at ease. You can easily adjust the voltage and wattage by spinning the dial wheel left to right and the screen will display your voltage or wattage setting. The voltage adjust from 3.0 to 6.0 volts in increments of 0.1. The wattage will adjust in increments of 0.5 from 3.0 to 15.0 watts.

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The main difference between using variable voltage and variable wattage is if you are in voltage mode you will need to change the voltage every time a new tank or atomizer is put on the device (only if your atomizer is at a different resistance than the other.) If you are using wattage mode find the wattage level that you like for the atomizer you are using (depending on its resistance / ohms) and set it. Once you put a new tank that has a different resistance the itaste vtr will automatically adjust the voltage to the right level. This is a built in feature and doesn’t require you to further push any buttons or mess with the mod to get the settings you like.

iTaste Innokin Review

The buttons and controls on this mod I found are nicely placed and I have quite a lot of positive things to say. The firing button is placed in the back center of the device and has a LED over the button to display the battery strength and lights up when the device is fired. The LED will light up green when fully charged, yellow for a half charge and red when a charge is needed. To change the mod to voltage or wattage mode there is a button on the top of the innokin vtr that will swap between the two modes. A bright blue display shows you the wattage or voltage on the LED screen every time the spin dial settings change. The VTR device also offers a built in ohm meter allowing you to check the resistance of your atomizer directly from the device. This puts ohm meters that you buy separately to no use. To check the resistance simply press the button in the center of the spin wheel and the LED display will display the resistance / ohms of your atomizer. Wait a couple of seconds and the voltage or wattage will be displayed and if you click the button again during this display you will switch to voltage or wattage mode.

The innokin itaste vtr variable voltage wattage mod is very similar to the beloved innokin MVP 2.0. The main difference being that the VTR does not have a built in battery cell like the MVP. This allows you to use the high capacity 18650 batteries preferred by many. It is also larger and heavier measuring 107mm tall, 54mm wide, and 22mm deep. The weight of the mod feels much heavier than that of the original MVP box mod. Some would say it feels like your holding a brick or chunk of lead in comparison to the MVP and the reason for its heaviness is not quite known. Some users may have mixed feelings about the weight saying things like they do not want to feel like they have rocks in their pocket while some like the heavy durable feel.

One thing that is really different about the itaste vtr is where you connect the atomizer. The atomizer does not connect to the top of the unit like standard mods. The 510 connector to the VTR is set on a shelf of some sort inside the VTR (refer to pictures). You can use a iclear 30 with the device and it will fit snug inside the unit. When you use a different type of clearomizer or atomizer you will need to use the 510 connector that comes with the unit. This fits snug inside the shelf of the unit and allows you to attached any 510 clearomizer or atomizer to the top of the VTR.

One thing many people are grateful for is the assumed 5 amp limit on the VTR. When compared to the 3 amp limit on the MVP we feel that innokin was being quite generous when this design was made. So if you like vaping low resistance atomizers or those with multiple coils the itaste VTR may still be able to suit your needs. The only other difference found between that of the VTR and the MVP box mod by innokin is the external USB power charging supply. So you will not be able to charge your phone or ipod like you can through the MVP.

The price of the VTR usually runs for around $120 – $140, with a little research a due diligence you can get them a bit cheaper.  A reliable and well priced dealer for the innokin itaste VTR is Alternate Cig and you can purchase this mod from them on their online store. The package includes the VTR, 510 adapter, a iclear 30s, case, and an instruction manual. This is where I got mine for $109.95. Visit their site here – try the coupon code “penguide” at checkout for an additional 5% off.

iTaste Case

After all this information and reviewing all the details I have found this mod to be a very reliable well suited mod for people who use clearomizer or cartomizer at a resistance above 1.5 ohms. It has been working very well and last about 2 days before the battery dies using the iclear 30 s with a 1.8 ohm atomizer head. It appears to hit harder than the MVP and the quality and durability is excellent along with the sleek sexy look of the device.

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