Is the Nitecore Charger Right for You?

If you want to buy high-quality vape batteries which are crafted with fine materials and the latest technology, you’ll enjoy learning about the Nitecore chargers. This respected company provides a comprehensive collection of “smart chargers” for e-cigs and other electronic devices.

These vape battery chargers are designed to be efficient, automatic and adaptive and they work with wall adapters, car adapters, UBS cables or solar panels. When you invest in reasonably-priced Nitecore chargers, you’ll be able to power up your vape batteries from the comfort and privacy of your own home, or while you’re in your vehicle.

nitecore charger for vape batteries

Why is Nitecore Different?

The Nitecore i2 Intellicharge Charger for 18650 AAA AA Li-Ion/NiMH Battery is a great choice for 18650 vape batteries. It features a spring-loaded design which is very secure and easy to use, unlike some comparable vape battery chargers. Also, this charger has LED indicator lights, so it’s really easy to see whether or not batteries are charging. This charger comes with a convenient power cord.

In terms of other features, you will be able to charge a couple of batteries at one time. Also, you’ll access four different slots for batteries, which monitor and charge independently. As well, this smart charger will determine whether you’re charging Ni-MH, Ni-CD or Li-ion batteries of the rechargeable type. A trio of safe LED indicator lights will display the charging progress of batteries. Also, this charger is able to detect the status of batteries and then choose the perfect charge modes and voltage levels.

This Chargers Get Great Reviews

Nitecore is an established company with a strong and positive business reputation. Their products are highly-rated and they provide a comprehensive array of battery chargers for vaping enthusiasts and others. When you choose this company, you’ll be choosing a respected battery charger manufacturer with years of experience. Since these high-tech chargers have lots of features, without being too expensive, they provide users with the ultimate in functionality, without busting their budgets.

You’ll find authentic Nitecore vape battery chargers at the official Nitecore website. As well, you’ll find these products at other online retailers, such as the world’s largest online retailer. I got mine here –

Order one of more vape battery chargers in order to ensure that all of your vape batteries are fully-charged at all times. These products come with warranties and Nitecore also offers a high standard of customer service to those who buy the company’s smart charger devices.


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