South Beach Smoke: The Godfather e-Liquid Review

South Beach Smoke’s Godfather E-Liquid: It’s a Flavor You Can’t Refuse

SBS is known not only for offering thousands of unique and delicious flavors of e-juice to their customers, but for allowing their e-liquid to be custom mixed from two or three flavors. Godfather is an example of South Beach Smoke’s blended E-Liquid formulas, and one of their most popular, garnering positive reviews wherever it is tasted.

South Beach Smoke eliquid

About South Beach Smoke

However, not only are SBS’s e-juices delicious, they are high-quality as well. All SBS E-Liquid is made in the USA using peanut allergy-friendly Malaysian Palm glycerin and kosher ingredients. They are in full compliance with FDA standards, are registered as a tobacco manufacturer with the FDA, and their recipe is on file with the FDA as well. There is absolutely no chance of you receiving a bottle full of mystery sludge. Each bottle contains 30 ml and is $14.99 per bottle.

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My Experience

Now, as for The Godfather’s consistency of taste and strength, South Beach Smoke once again delivers a perfectly smooth and uniform vaping experience. Unlike other e-juices which can alternate between extremely intense bursts of flavored vapor and practically nonexistent bursts of flavored vapor, South Beach Smoke’s Godfather E-Liquid has the same effect as taking long sips of a Godfather: each puff/sip goes down smoothly and perfectly, never too harsh and never too bland.

Godfather is the result of a mix of SBS’s Top Shelf Bourbon flavor and their Amaretto flavor, and, as with all of their other e-juices that I have tried, that mix totally nails the flavor of the cocktail. It tastes like you are actually inhaling a cocktail. I have no idea how they manage

to do it, but I do know that candy companies should figure out their method and copy it immediately—they could stand to learn something from South Beach Smoke.

If you have tasted the cocktail and found it not to your liking, then do not purchase it in e-liquid form. However, I definitely recommend Godfather to all fans of the cocktail and makes a stellar companion to a relaxing night of drinking an actual Godfather, perhaps while you plot your upcoming mob war or the assassination of your traitorous dim-witted brother.

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