South Beach Smoke: Top Shelf Bourbon e-Liquid Review

South Beach Smoke’s Bourbon E-Liquid Tastes Like It Should Get You Tipsy


Is it just me or do flavored products never taste like that of the food they are trying to emulate? Until I tried South Beach Smoke’s Bourbon E-Liquid, I thought such a thing did not exist—but it does and it is amazing.

Not only do SBS’s e-liquids taste great, but they are high-quality. They are made in the US with kosher ingredients and glycerin specifically from the Malaysian Palm, so as to not affect anyone with peanut allergies. They are registered with the FDA as a tobacco manufacturer and their formula is on file with the FDA as well. No shady mystery liquid here! Each bottle costs $14.99 and contains 30ml of liquid goodness. Get it Here

SBS’s Top Shelf Bourbon E-Liquid is also consistent. I’ve often noticed that when I use e- juice that is not from SBS, my hits vary in taste and strength. For instance, if I am trying to enjoy some raspberry e-juice, I may take a puff and immediately feel as if I have drank the e-liquid equivalent of straight snowball-flavoring syrup. After I recover from the intense shock, I can take another hit and taste absolutely nothing. It will be like that the entire time I am trying to vape—patchy with randomly timed super intense bursts of flavor that, depending on the flavor, can make your eyes water (mint flavors, mostly.). But such is not the case with SBS’s Top Shelf Bourbon e-juice: it is just like drinking a glass of bourbon; you get the same smooth strength of taste with every sip/puff you take, making it a much more relaxing experience.

Now, as for taste—SBS’s Top Shelf Bourbon E-Liquid tastes like actual bourbon. When you take in the vapor, the bourbon taste is extremely noticeable, but it is not overpowering or too strong. It goes down smoothly and richly just like a swig of the real stuff. I don’t know much about the science of addiction, but I’m not sure this would be a good choice for recovering alcoholics.

Now, if you have tasted bourbon before and did not like it, I would not recommend this flavor of e-juice because it really is a perfect recreation. For those that do enjoy a glass of bourbon and a puff on the e-cigarette, then this is definitely a product you should try.

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