VaporFi Root Beer Vapor Juice Review

VaporFi Root Beer E-Liquid: It’s Like Vaping Americana

As a kid, and adult Root Beer has always been a favorite soda of mine, but it was also something I drank in moderation because it contains a lot of carbonation, and seemed to give you the bloated feeling if you drank to much. Now I can enjoy the flavor of Root Beer without all of that, and to my surprise, it was  flavor was amazing and pretty spot on.

Root Beer Vapor Fi


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About Vapor Fi’s Juice

VaporFi’s e-juice products don’t just taste great—they’re high quality and extremely safe as well. VaporFi complies with all FDA standards, is registered as a tobacco manufacturer, and have their formulas on file with the FDA. No need to worry about shady mystery sludge, folks! Additionally, their e-liquids are rated beyond “food grade,” are made with kosher ingredients, and use only Malaysian Palms as the source for their glycerin so as to not affect those with peanut allergies.

My Experience

I really wish I knew how VaporFi managed to pack all of the subtleties of a particular flavor into an e-liquid. To me, root beer has always had a very complex taste—it is sweet, but not too much so, a little mint-y, with hints of vanilla and maybe a little licorice. It has a taste that is all its own. VaporFi captures all of those little nuances and pinches of flavor to perfectly recreate the original.

If you do not like the taste of root beer, you should not purchase this product, obviously. However, I definitely recommend this to all root beer-lovers and e-cig users because it is just perfect. When you inhale, it truly tastes like taking a sip of root beer from a glass and experiencing the smooth sweetness that follows as it fills your mouth and slides down your throat. To get the most out of your root beer-flavored vape session, try drinking a glass of root beer in between puffs; it really makes you feel like you are awash in deliciousness.

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